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TLA Academic Philosophy

Rooted in student-centered culture, the LIGHT Academy provides holistic support to students using the Student-tailored Tool for Advising and Teaching (STAT) inclusive of Multiple Intelligences Assessments, student preferences, and family feedback. The collection of academic and personal characteristics of each student affords educators at the LIGHT Academy the opportunity to teach and connect with students in ways that are meaningful and impactful for each student. True connection and individualized support lead to academic and personal success not only for students, but also families and the larger local and global communities.

Course Offerings

College Required Courses 

Mathematics, US History, Science, English Language Arts

Physical Education & Wellness

Course designed to teach multiple aspects of physical education and overall wellness inclusive of dietary explorations, nutritional information, and physical exercise, etc.

Self-Awareness & Humanity

Course designed to teach and practice different means of self-reflection, awareness, and self-regulation. The course will incorporate social emotional research-based best practices as well as guest speakers, field trips, and hands-on projects. 

The Arts

Course designed to teach various forms of art inclusive of graphics, musical, dance, vocal, theatrical, etc.

Educational Program Alignment

Educational Program Components/Metrics

School Values

Conscious of Self & Others
Critical Thinker
College Ready
Career Bound
Taught in Self-Awareness & Humanity through topics such as self-reflection, regulation, etc. Will include guest speakers; community input, physical expression, artistic expression, etc.
Preparation for courses required for high school graduation; Interdisciplinary curriculum; financial literacy, digital literacy
Preparation for courses required to attend a 4 - year college or university
Preparation for courses required to participate in certification offerings; internships
Everyday interactions, Local internships, peer-mentoring, school field trips, “This is LIGHT” campaign
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